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About the Author

I'm a Los Angeles based writer originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA.

I've been writing since first grade when my teacher handed me a journal and instructed me to write about my day. Since then, I've continued journalling, though I spend most of my time writing romance.


I predominantly focus on characters who suffer from mental illness, PTSD, loneliness, and other emotional issues that stem from trauma. I also focus on people who are considered "different." My goal is to shed light on the darker aspects of human connection. To show the way people who are outside of the box are sometimes treated.  But above all else, I hope to highlight how precious it truly is to connect in a world sometimes void of love.

I published my debut romance novel in 2020.

I live with my husband and two Golden Retrievers, Daisy and Lily.

I also run the Facebook writer's group Writer's With Heart which can be found here:  WWH

Join my Facebook reader's group here

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