Title: Hibbitz & Becca Write a Musical (Book One of Four-Book series)
Genre: NA Romance

Welcome to the most funner-est class at the greatest school.

Charles Rosenberry Hornbuckle Hibbitz the Third is not pretentious. He’s just really professional. Focused on his education. And utterly devoted to Latin. Being the new kid is almost as degrading as the insults being lobbed at him by his horrid new public-school classmates. Luckily, he’s made a single friend who might understand him—Anna.

Becca Brandt despises pretention. Her jerk of an ex-boyfriend was all the pretention she didn’t need for one lifetime, thank you very much. Eleventh grade sucks enough without getting stuck with the uppity new kid on a project for Music Theory. He even has the nerve to correct her grammar.

But sometimes, two very different notes can make perfect harmony. Hibbitz and Becca soon find that it’s easier to work together, whether they’re tackling an increasingly complicated musical project, crushes, exes, or the secrets they're both keeping.

And sometimes love can sneak up on you… but then, so can trouble.