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The Dimension of Us

genre: sci-fi romance


She was born of darkness. He was born of light. They were never meant to meet.

Seventeen-year-old Mia has never known how to open her heart. Neglectful parents, a school that doesn’t accept her quirks, and a boyfriend named Jake who only shows up half the time. Her life remains in the shadows.

Until the night when purple lightning bolts flash through the sky, transporting Mia to a new dimension. In this world of light, she meets Jake’s doppelgänger — a boy nothing like the other.

Jake of the light senses that Mia of the dark doesn’t belong. He knows if anyone else finds out where she’s from, the darkness will come to collect what’s rightfully theirs.

While the two cross boundaries to set things right, they learn to heal from the wounds that mark us all – whether we’re under the light or trapped in the dark.

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