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When September Ends


Genre: romance

A funeral brought them together. But will the pain of grieving also tear them apart?


Benjamin – who actually goes by Benjamin – didn’t have the greatest time in high school. He buried himself in his studies and his online role-playing games, certain that no one IRL would ever accept him. That was until Jack Cohen, star athlete, befriended him when he had no one.


Sixteen years later, Jack has died from an unexpected heart condition, and Benjamin doesn’t know how to handle the loss pulling him back into the deepest depression of his life.


Sam – who actually goes by Sam – briefly dated Jack back in high school. They lost touch until a brief Facebook chat only days before his passing… which would be left unfinished forever.


Unemployed and going through her own existential crisis, Sam doesn’t know who to turn to. Until she meets Benjamin at the funeral, a guy she never knew existed. The two unexpectedly bond over music, their alma mater, and their former classmate. However, neither can handle the emerging feelings that show up at exactly the wrong time.


As Benjamin and Sam connect, they dive into the challenges of adulthood in a world full of uncertainty and pain. And they discover that, just maybe, the strength of love is enough to cancel out all the other fears and demons that haunt them most.


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