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  • Rachel Radner

Book Review: Ghosted by J.M. Darhower

"You're the queen. I'm just the commoner."

I LOVED this book. The prologue pulls you right into the story, and Darhower maintains the perfect amount of conflict between the hero and heroine throughout the course of the entire novel. To the point where it doesn't frustrate you, yet it's also not boring. And the tension doesn't seem contrived. And there are so many moments that tie in beautifully.

So, here's the story: we meet Kennedy Garfield who has a daughter named Maddie. And the father of her child, Jonathan Cunningham (stage name: Johnny Cunning), is a famous actor who plays the title character in the "Breezeo" superhero movie franchise.

Jonathan winds up in NYC, filming the latest Breezeo film. After the shoot wraps one day, he winds up getting hit by a car (in the process of saving a fan who nearly got hit). From here, he begins to reflect on his life, and he thinks of Kennedy--the woman he still loves who cares for their daughter--the family he wishes he could be a part of. From here, we begin to understand that Johnny lost Kennedy as he progressively fell into a dangerous pattern of drug and alcohol use. And that he'd entered rehab quite a few times before finally kicking his bad habits. Now, he's determined to show Kennedy that he's kicked away his addictions, too.

Slowly--and as we learn the Kennedy/Jonathan backstory through flashbacks in the form of Kennedy's old notebook--Jonathan works his way back into Kennedy's, and Maddie's, hearts.

But during their entire journey, I found myself wondering if they really did have a second chance at love.

If you're looking for a book about redemption, about learning to trust someone again, then you should really check this one out. It's a very touching read with some wonderful chemistry. And the writing is absolutely fantastic.

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