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Sushi and this writer's life

Rainbow roll and eel special roll from Sushiko

So, have I told you I enjoy sushi?

I enjoy sushi.

Let me rephrase this.

I enjoy sushi to an almost unhealthy extent. To the point that I would literally each sushi for most meals... if this were an option.

In any case, Hubby Joe and I ventured out to our weekly chiropractor session tonight at a chain called The Joint. Right next door, we passed a local sushi joint (pun very much intended) called Sushiko where we enjoyed the Rainbow Roll (pictured left) and the Eel Special Roll (pictured right). Of course, what's a sushi dinner without some green tea ice cream for dessert?

Today was a good day.

Next up this week: I'll be finishing my edits for both Prometheus Burning and Frozen in the night. I've then got a novella I'm working on for my friend Victoria Bright's anthology. Haven't read her stuff yet? You should totally check her books out.

Until the next update, I hope you're all having a lovely week!

Green tea ice cream from Sushiko

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