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First post of 2018!

It's my first post of 2018, and I'm sitting in an empty waiting room (the second waiting room... the first one is packed). I have access to coffee, and I'm spending the time finally finishing my YA sequel (Hibbitz & Becca Improvise a Musical)... while my husband is getting his shoulder operated on. He may actually be finished now (they said the surgery itself would only take an hour). The doctors said they'd come and grab me from the waiting room once he was back in the recovery room (one of those rooms they make with a curtain).

I feel bad for Joe (my husband) because he's going to have to wear a sling for a month... but the surgery is a really good thing because he's been having really bad pains in that shoulder for years now.

Anyway, in case anyone out there in the void is interested, here's a picture of my current writing space :)



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